/* Date Stamp */ -d"_lint_env_html_lnt=env-html.lnt modified 17-Oct-2007" /* To document usage use: -message( "Using " _lint_env_html_lnt ) */ // --------------------------------------------------------------------- // This file is provided by Gimpel Software (www.gimpel.com) for use with // its products PC-lint and FlexeLint. // // Redistribution and use of this file, with or without modification, is // permitted provided that any such redistribution retains this notice. // --------------------------------------------------------------------- /* env-html.lnt The following options cause the output of PC-lint/Flexelint to assume the format of an HTML file. The formats chosen can be customized as needed. */ -width(0) // don't insert line breaks (unlimited output width). // let the browser split lines at the right location -html( head(env-html.js) ) // turn on html escapes; the normal output is bracketed with // [env-html.js] ... // where [env-html.js] means the contents of file env-html.js // In the following we specify a message format wherein // the line number (%l) is displayed in monospace () // and set off from the file name by non-breaking spaces ( ) // A color change is introduced by typeFont("%t"), a function // written in JavaScript and placed in the head by env-html.js // The colored portion includes only "%t %n:" but could easily // be extended to include the entire line. // For verbosity output the -format_verbosity option is employed which // simply wraps the verbosity message %m is a green font. -"format=%(%f  %l  %) %t %n:  %m" -"format_specific=\nDuring Specific Walk:\n%{ %f  %l  %i\n%}" -"format_verbosity=%m" -e830 -e831 // these are used for automatic source positioning // which are presumably not needed for html output