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 Designer's Notes | What's New in Version 9.00 

News Release
Contact: Anneliese Gimpel

PC-lint and FlexeLint for C/C++ Version 9.00

(Collegeville, PA, September 2, 2008) ... Gimpel Software announces the release of Version 9.00 of its award-winning products PC-lint for C/C++ and FlexeLint for C/C++. This is the first new version of the product since the release of Version 8.0 in 2001.

PC-lint/FlexeLint is a static analyzer that will analyze a mixed suite of C and C++ programs and report on bugs, glitches and inconsistencies. It aids in developing more secure, reliable, maintainable and portable programs. It will speed program development and help to control costs by alerting the programmer to suspect code early in the cycle, when corrections can be made easily and economically.

Version 9.00 provides a multitude of enhancements, including many new innovative checks, features and options

This version adds static variable tracking to the suite of value tracking capabilities that already include inter-statement and inter-function value tracking. It also supports pre-compiled headers that can dramatically increase processing speed.

Additional new features include a comprehensive multi-thread analysis, stack usage analysis, program information dump, enhanced message control and message portrayal (html output, optional integration with source code), MISRA C 2004 checking and MISRA C++ checking.

Version 9.00 has 146 new messages that serve to highlight dangling assignments, for clause irregularities, pre-determined predicates, unusual const qualification, irregular use of pointers and references and much more.

PC-lint/FlexeLint Version 9.00 is upward compatible with and includes the same rigorous checking as earlier versions of the product. These checks include pointer tracking, strong type checking, loss of precision, strange uses of Booleans, inter-function value tracking, optional multi-pass operation, analysis of calls to library functions and much more. Rules are available to specify user-defined function semantics, For more information, please see our web site at

PC-lint Version 1.0 was released in May of 1985, making PC-lint the longest running, continuously advertised C product in history. It has won many technical awards through the years, including the 1990 Computer Language Productivity Award, the 1991 Computer Language Jolt Award, and the 2000 Game Developer Front Line Hall of Fame Award.

PC-lint runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista, MS-DOS and OS/2. The cost to license PC-lint Version 9.00 for a single workstation is only $389 plus shipping. 

FlexeLint runs on all variants of Unix (HP-UX, Sun, Solaris, AIX, Linux, etc.), OS-9, VMS, etc.  The cost to license FlexeLint is $998 and up.

PC-lint and FlexeLint are available directly from Gimpel Software.  All Gimpel products carry a 30-day money back guarantee.

PC-lint and FlexeLint are trademarks of Gimpel Software

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PC-lint and FlexeLint are trademarks of Gimpel Software LLC
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