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PC-lint/FlexeLint 8.0 Options Summary

Error Inhibition Options | Size Options | Verbosity Options | Flag Options | Message Presentation Options | Other Options | Compiler Dependency Options


Error Inhibition Options

(- inhibits and + enables messages)

 -/+e#                 message number(s) #
 -e(#[,#] ...)         message number(s) # for the next expression
 --e(#[,#] ...)        message number(s) # for the current expression
 -/+eai                argument sub-Integer
 -/+ean                arguments differing nominally
 -/+eas                arguments same size (different type)
 -/+eau                arguments differing signed-unsigned
 -/+efile(#,file)      control message by number, filename
 -/+efunc(#,Symbol)    control message(s) within a function
 -/+elib(#)            control message(s) in library headers
 -/+elibsym(#)         control message(s) for a library symbol
 -/+emacro(#,Symbol)   control message(s) within a macro
 -/+epn                pointer to nominally different types
 -/+epnc               pointer to chars nominally different
 -/+epp                pointer vs. pointer (same size)
 -/+eps                pointer to same-size
 -/+epu                pointer to unsigned (vs. signed)
 -/+epuc               pointer to signed/unsigned chars
 -/+esym(#,Symbol)     control message by number, symbol
 -/+etd(TypeDiff)      ignore certain type differences

 !e#                   one-line error suppression
 -wlevel               set warning level
 -wlib(level)          set warning level for library

Size Options

 -sb#        number of bits in a byte
 -sc#        sizeof(char) becomes #
 -slc#       sizeof(long char) becomes #
 -ss#        sizeof(short) becomes #
 -si#        sizeof(int) becomes #
 -sl#        sizeof(long) becomes #
 -sf#        sizeof(float) becomes #
 -sd#        sizeof(double) becomes #
 -sld#       sizeof(long double) becomes #
 -sll#       sizeof(long long) becomes #
 -sp#        size of all pointers becomes #
 -spD#       size of Data pointer becomes #
 -spP#       size of Program pointer becomes #
 -spN#       size of near pointer becomes #
 -spF#       size of far pointer becomes #
 -spND#      size of near Data pointer becomes #
 -spNP#      size of near Program pointer becomes #
 -spFD#      size of far Data pointer becomes #
 -spFP#      size of far Program pointer becomes #
 -smp#       size of Member Pointer becomes #
 -smpD#      size of Member Data Pointers
 -smpP#      size of Member Program Pointer
 -smpFP#     size of far Member Program Pointers
 -smpNP      size of near Member Program Pointers
 -sw#        size of wchar_t becomes #

Verbosity Options

(- output to stdout, + to stderr and stdout) The default is -vm

 -v          Turn off all work in progress messages
 -/+vm       Module names only
 -/+vf       File and module names only
 -/+vn       Every n lines with file and module names
 -/+vi...    Indirect filenames
 -/+vo...    output Options
 -/+vs...    append a Storage report
 -/+vh...    dump the type Hierarchy
 -/+v#...    tag filenames with an id number

Flag Options

(+ sets,- resets, ++ increments and -- decrements flag)

 fab         ABbreviated structure flag
 fan         ANonymous union flag
 fas         Anonymous struct flag
 fba         Bit Addressability flag
 fbc         Boolean Constant flag
 fbo         Boolean flag
 fbu         Bit Fields are unsigned flag
 fcd         CDecl is significant flag
 fce         Continue-on-Error flag
 fcp         C++ flag
 fct         Create Tag flag
 fcu         Char-is-Unsigned flag
 fdc         Distinguish-plain-Char flag
 fdh         dot-h flag
 fdi         Directory of Including file flag
 fdl         pointer-Difference-is-Long flag
 fdr         Deduce-Return-mode flag
 feb         allow Enumerations as Bit fields flag
 fem         Early Modifiers flag
 ffb         for  loop creates separate block flag
 ffd         promote Floats to Doubles flag
 fff         Fold Filenames flag
 ffn         Full (file) Name flag
 ffo         Flush Output files flag
 fhg         Hierarchy Graphics flag
 fhd         The strong-Hierarchy-Down flag
 fhs         Hierarchy-of-Strong-types flag
 fhx         Hierarchy-of-strong-indeXes flag
 fie         Integer-model-for-Enum flag
 fil         Indentation-check-on-Labels flag
 fim         Include-Multiple flag
 fiq         The Ignore-default-Qualifier flag
 fis         Integral-constants-are-Signed flag
 fkp         K&R Preprocessor flag
 flb         LiBrary flag
 flc         The long-char flag
 flf         process Library-Function flag
 fll         The long-long flag
 fln         #LiNe directives flag
 fmd         Multiple Definitions flag
 fna         Allow operator new[] flag
 fnc         Nested Comments flag
 fnt         Nested Tag flag
 fod         Output-Declared-objects flag
 fol         Output-Library-objects flag
 fpa         PAuse flag
 fpc         Pointer Casts retain lvalue flag
 fpm         Precision is limited to the Max. args. flag
 fpn         The Pointer-parameter-may-be-NULL flag
 fps         Parameters within Strings flag
 frb         Read Binary flag
 fsa         Structure-Assignment flag
 fsc         String constants are const char
 fsh         SHared reading flag
 fsu         String Unsigned flag
 ftf         raw-Template-Function flag
 ful         Unsigned long flag
 fva         Variable Arguments flag
 fvo         VOid data type flag
 fvr         Varying-Return-mode flag
 fwc         wchar_t is built-in flag
 fwu         wchar_t is Unsigned flag
 fxa         eXact-Array flag
 fxc         eXact-Char flag
 fxf         eXact-Float flag
 fxs         eXact-Short flag
 fzl         siZeof-is-Long flag
 fzu         siZeof-is-Unsigned flag

Message Presentation Options

          controls the height of messages - Default is -ha_3
              s  blank line between messages
              F  always include a filename
              f  out-of-sequence file information
              r  repeat source line
              mn no macro display
              m  undo effect of mn
              m/M/ assigns new prefix M for macro display
              I  error location mark
                  a  I appears above the source line
                  b  I appears below the source line
              N  number of lines in error message

 -width(Width,Indent)  controls width of messages - Default is -width(79,4)
              Width  - Width of output device
              Indent - Indent continued lines

 -format=    message format for msg. height < =3
                       Default is "%(%f  %l  %)%t %n: %m"

 -format4a=  format of first line for msg. height == 4
                       Default is "%(File %f, Line %l\n%)"

 -format4b=  format of fourth line for msg. height == 4
                       Default is    "%(     %)%t %n: %m"

Other Options

 -A                    requests only ANSI keywords
 -/+b                  suppresses or diverts the Banner line
 -ccode                specifies a particular Compiler
 -/+cpp(extension)     add (+) or remove (-)  a C++ extension
 -dname[=value]        Define preprocessor variables
 +dname[=value]        like -d except that the definition is locked in
 -Dname[=value][;...]  like -d except that a list of name-value pairs is supported
 +ext(extension[,extension]...)   specify list for default extensions
 -father(Parent,Child[,Child]...) adds strict relationship to strong type heirarchy
 -function(f0, f1...)  assign special attributes
 -header(filename)     automatically read header
 -idirectory           #include file directory
 -incvar(name)         specifies an environment variable to be used in place of INCLUDE
 -ident(String)        augment identifier characters
 -idlen(n,opt)         check for identifier clashes
 -index(flags,ixtype,sitype,...)  specifies strong index
 -library              current or next module is a library
 +libclass(...)        default library headers (default:  foreign,angle)
 -/+libdir(directory,...)  library header directory
 -/+libh(file,...)     library header
 -limit(n)             specify limit on number of messages
 -/+lnt(extension[,extension]...)  add or remove an Indirect File extension
 -lobbase(filename)    establish a lob base file
 +macros               increases the size of macro storage.
 -mS                   near data and program (Default)
 -mD                   far Data, near program
 -mP                   far Program, near data
 -mL                   far data and program
 -odopts[width](filename)  Output Declarations (prototypes)
 +odopts[width](filename)  Append Declarations
             opts are:    f only functions
                          i internal (static) functions also
                          s structs also
                       width set output width
 -oe( filename )       redirects output for stderr to the named file
 +oe( filename )       Append output for stderr to the named file
 -ol( filename )       Output Library
 -oo[( filename )]     Output Object module (default:  Name.lob)
 -os( filename )       Output Standard out to file
 +os( filename )       Append Standard out to file
 -p[(width)]           run just the Preprocessor
 -parent(Parent, Child...)  adds to strong type hierarchy
 -ppw(word,...)        removes PreProcessor Word(s)
 +ppw(word,...)        adds PreProcessor Word(s)
 +pragma(name,action)  specify action for #pragma name
 -printf(n,name,...)   printf-like functions
 -restore              resets error inhibition state
 -rw(word,...)         removes Reserved Word(s)
 +rw(word,...)         adds Reserved Word(s)
 -save                 saves error inhibition state
 -scanf(n,name,...)    scanf-like functions
 -sem(name[,sem]...)   check functions for user-defined semantics
 -size(flags,amount)   issue a message when data variable's size >= amount
 -strong(flags,name,...)  specifies strong types
 -t#                   set Tab size to # (default = 8)
 -u                    unit checkout (suppresses inter-module messages)
 -unreachable          a point in a program is unreachable
 -uname                Undefines name
 --uname               inhibits macro name from becoming defined
 -wLevel               set Warning level
 -wlib(Level)          set Warning level for messages within library.
 -wprintf(n,name,...)  wide-character version of -printf option
 -wscanf(n,name,...)   wide-character version of -scanf option
 -zero                 sets exit code to 0
 -zero(#)              same unless a message number < #
 -$                    $ is an identifier character

Compiler Dependency Options

 -a#predicate          Assert the # predicator (Unix)
 -#dname=Replacement   #include Define
 -dname()=Replacement  Define function-like macro
 -overload(X)          sets flags which can affect overload resolution
 -plus(char)           define an alternate option character for '+'
 -template(X)          fine-tune template processing

Compiler Dependency Keywords

 _bit                  one bit wide
 _gobble               causes the next token to be gobbled
 _to_brackets          ignore next expression
 _to_semi              ignore until ;

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