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New Error Messages

422  Passing to function Symbol a negative value (Integer), Context
423  Creation of memory leak in assignment to 'Symbol'
424  Inappropriate deallocation (String1) for 'String2' data
425  'Message' in processing semantic 'String' at token String
426  call to function 'Symbol' violates semantic 'String'
427  // comment terminates in \
428  negative subscript (Integer) in operator 'String'
429  Custodial pointer 'Symbol' (Location) has not been freed or returned
581  Option 'String' is obsolete and should no longer be used
664  Left side of logical OR (||) or logical AND (&&) does not return
671  Possibly passing to function Symbol a negative value (Integer), Context
672  Possible memory leak in assignment to 'Symbol'
673  Possibly inappropriate deallocation (String1) for 'String2' data
674  Returning address of auto through variable 'Symbol'
676  Possibly negative subscript (Integer) in operator 'String'
677  sizeof used within preprocessor statement
807  Conceivably passing to function Symbol a negative value (Integer), Context
808  No explicit type given, assumed int
809  Possible return of address of auto through variable 'Symbol'
810  Arithmetic modification of custodial variable 'Symbol'
811  Possible deallocation of pointer alias
812  static variable 'Symbol' has size 'Integer'
813  auto variable 'Symbol' in function 'Symbol' has size 'Integer'
815  Arithmetic modification of unsaved pointer
816  Non-ANSI format specification
817  Conceivably negative subscript (Integer) in operator 'String'
946  Relational or subtract operator applied to pointers
1073  Insufficient number of template parameters; 'String' ssumed
1074  Expected a namespace identifier
1075  Ambiguous reference to both 'Symbol' and 'Symbol'
1522  'Symbol' is an array of empty objects
1533  Repeated friend declaration for symbol 'Symbol'
1534  static variable 'Symbol' found within inline function in header
1535  Exposing low access data through member 'Symbol'
1536  Exposing low access member 'Symbol'
1537  const function returns pointer data member'Symbol'
1538  base class 'Symbol' absent from initializer list for copy constructor
1539  member 'Symbol' (Location) not assigned by assignment operator
1546  throw() called within destructor Symbol
1547  Assignment of array to pointer to base class (Context)
1548  Exception specification for 'Symbol' conflicts with Location
1549  Exception thrown for function 'Symbol' not declared to throw
1550  function 'Symbol' may throw an exception in function'Symbol'
1551  function 'Symbol may throw an exception in destructor 'Symbol'
1552  Converting pointer to array-of-derived to pointer to base
1716  Virtual member function Symbol (Location) not referenced
1735  Virtual function 'Symbol' has default parameter
1736  Redundant access specifier (String)
1737  'Symbol' hides global operator new
1738  non-copy constructor 'Symbol' used to initialize copy constructor
1739  Binary operator 'Symbol' should be non-member function
1745  member 'Symbol' (Location) not assigned by private assignment operator
1746  parameter 'Symbol' of function 'Symbol' could be made const reference
1747  binary operator 'Symbol' returning a reference
1748  non-virtual base class 'Symbol' included twice in class 'Symbol'
1749  base class 'Symbol' of class 'Symbol' need not be virtual
1752  catch parameter Integer is not a reference
1753  Overloading special operator 'Symbol'
1754  Expected 'Symbol' to be declared for class 'Symbol'
1757  Discarded instance of post decrement/increment
1758  Prefix increment/decrement operator 'Symbol' returns a non-reference
1759  Postfix increment/decrement operator 'Symbol' returns a reference
1761  Declaration of 'Symbol' hides overloaded 'Symbol' (Location)
1905  implicit default constructor generated for class 'Symbol
1914  Default constructor Symbol (Location) not referenced
1916  Ellipsis encountered
1923  macro 'Symbol' could become const variable
1924  C-style cast
1925  'Symbol' is a public data member
1926  'Symbol's default constructor implicitly called
1927  'Symbol' was not initialized in the constructor initializer list
1928  'Symbol' did not appear in the constructor initializer list
1929  function 'Symbol' returning a reference
1930  Conversion operator 'Symbol' found
1931  Constructor 'Symbol' can be used for implicit conversions
1932  Base class 'Symbol' is not abstract
1933  Call to unqualified virtual function 'Symbol' from non-static member function
1934  Shift operator 'Symbol should be non-member function

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