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PC-lint/FlexeLint Version 9.00   (September 2008)

Support for pre-compiled headers
Enhanced MISRA C 2000 and MISRA C++ checking
Static Variable Tracking
Analysis of multi-threaded programs
Stack Usage report
Dimensional analysis of strong types
Provide lint output within the context of the original source code
Program info on files, types, symbols, macros can be exported to a database or spreadsheet
146 new messages

Interactive Demo added to website  (May 2006)

Manipulate supplied C and C++ examples
"blank slate" provided for your own code examples
Analyse and modify our Bugs of the Month
Listing of messages in html format

PC-lint/FlexeLint Version 8.00 (July 2001)

Inter-function value tracking
Improved MISRA standard checking
Manual in PDF format
88 new messages

PC-lint/FlexeLint Version 7.50  (August 1997)

Game Developer Magazine Front Line Award
User-defined Function Semantics (-sem option)
Pointer Tracking from cradle to grave
Checks based on Scott Meyers books
82 new messages

PC-lint/FlexeLint Version 7.00  (November 1995)

Inter-statement value tracking
Checking for standard functions which can be extended to user functions
Macros are subject to increased scrutiny
Find Order of Initialization problems
Improved detection of improper class constructions
Improved support for embedded systems
PC-lint for C-only is discontinued

PC-lint/FlexeLint for C/C++ Version 6.00  (September 1993)

C++ Support!

ANSI/POSIX checking  (July 1992)

Find non-conforming code by using our ANSI and POSIX headers in place of your compiler headers.

PC-lint/FlexeLint Version 5.00  (July 1991)

Computer Language Magazine Jolt Award
Strong Type Checking based on typedef types
Possibly uninitialized variables based on flow of control
Overflow while processing arithmetic constants
Constant expressions that reduce to zero
Suspicious truncations
Initializer irregularities
Recognize exit, free, realloc, longjmp, abort, setjmp

PC-lint/FlexeLint Version 4.00  (January 1990)

Computer Language Magazine Productivity Award
Checking of weak definials
Headers not used
Support for  "library headers" obsoletes standard library files
Lint Object Module support (.lob)
Improved control over message format
Improved error suppression
70 new messages
Breaks through the 640K and 256 files DOS limit with PC-lint 386
Generic Lint renamed to FlexeLint

PC-lint Version 3.00  (November 1988)

PC-lint Version 2.10  (July 1987)

ANSI support
printf - scanf checking
Direct support for 10 C compilers

PC-lint Version 2.00  (June 1986)

PC-lint Version 1.00   (May 1985)

Gimpel Software Founded  (1984)

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