Parameters to -efile are not case-insensitive with +fff

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Parameters to -efile are not case-insensitive with +fff

Post by » Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:11 pm

We have a suppression for our resource header symbols to eliminate certain errors that are expected because these files are largely IDE generated. This is a sample of the suppression:

-efile(451 755 760
, header1r.h
, header2r.h
, header3r.h

The problem is that in some cases these headers might be included with unusual capitalization.

#include "Header1R.h"
#include "HEADER2R.h"
#include "hEadEr3R.h"

We run on Windows and I have tried with and without +fff, but unless I include the abnormal capitalizations in my suppression, I am receiving the excluded errors above for whichever form is not suppressed.

Is that expected and is there an easy workaround?

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