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1    class Reindeer
2        {  public:
3        char *name;
4        bool injured;
5        bool in_flight;
6        bool needs_rest;
7        };
8    const int NumRD = 250;
9    extern Reindeer all[ NumRD ];
10   int reindeer_available()
11       {
12       int count = NumRD;
13       int n = 0;
14       for( int i = 0; i < count; i++ )
15           {
16           if( !all[i].injured &&
17               !all[i].in_flight &&
18               !all[i].needs_rest ) n++;
19           }
20       return count;
21       }

With so many deliveries on Christmas eve, Santa is finally automating his Reindeer Tabulating System but this reindeer availability function is way too optimistic. What's going wrong?

bug550.cpp lint Output

--- Module:   bug550.cpp (C++)
bug550.cpp  21  Warning 550: Symbol 'n' (line 13) not accessed

    --- Wrap-up for Module: bug550.cpp

Info 754: local structure member 'Reindeer::name' (line 3, file bug550.cpp) not

Reference Manual Explanation

550    Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not accessed  -- A variable (local to some function) was not accessed.
       This means that the value of a variable was never used.  Perhaps the variable was assigned a value
       but was never used.  Note that a variable's value is not considered accessed by autoincrementing
       or autodecrementing unless the autoincrement/decrement appears within a larger expression which uses
       the resulting value.  The same applies to a construct of the form: var += expression.  If an address of
       a variable is taken, its value is assumed to be accessed. An array, struct or union is considered accessed
       if any portion thereof is accessed.

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