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@module graduation.c 
1    #include "grad.h"
2    extern String *graduates;
3    extern String *deans_list;
4    int count(String *);
5    int main()
6        {
7        return count(deans_list);
8        }

@module count.c 
1    #include "grad.h"
2    String deans_list[100];
3    int count( String *list )
4        {
5        int sum = 0;
6        int i;
7        for( i = 0; list[i]; i++ )
8            ++sum;
9        return sum;
10       }

@header grad.h 
1    //lint -u program not complete
2    typedef char *String;

This multi-module program is intended to count the number of students that made the dean's list in this spring's graduation but something is going horribly wrong. Note: it is given that the last student's name is followed by the traditional NULL. lint Output

=== Multiple Modules:

--- Module:   graduation.c (C)

    --- Wrap-up for Module: graduation.c

Info 752: local declarator 'graduates' (line 2, file graduation.c) not

--- Module:   count.c (C)
    String deans_list[100];
count.c  3  Error 18: Symbol 'deans_list' redeclared (basic) conflicts with
    line 3, file graduation.c 
count.c  11  Info 818: Pointer parameter 'list' (line 4) could be declared as
    pointing to const

Reference Manual Explanation

18     Symbol 'Symbol' redeclared (TypeDiff) conflicts with Location  --
       A symbol is being redeclared.  The parameter TypeDiff provides
       further information on how the types differ.  Location is the
       location of the previous definition.

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