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PC-lint / FlexeLint Support
for C++ 11

Current Version is 9.00L

This table outlines the support provided for C++11 in the PC-lint and FlexeLint products.
PC-lint Plus provides full support for C++11 and C++14.

Language Feature C++11 Proposal Available in PC-Lint/FlexeLint?
Local and unnamed types as template arguments N2657 Lint 9.00
Rvalue references N2118 Lint 9.00c
    Rvalue references for *this N2439 Partially supported
Static assertions N1720 Lint 9.00c
Right angle brackets N1757 Lint 9.00c
Extern templates N1987 Lint 9.00c
Strongly-typed enums N2347 Lint 9.00c
Forward declarations for enums N2764
Lint 9.00c
Delegating constructors N1986 Lint 9.00c
New character types N2249 Lint 9.00c
Deleted functions N2346 Lint 9.00c
Extended friend declarations N1791 Lint 9.00c
Extending sizeof N2253
Lint 9.00c
Explicit conversion operators N2437 Lint 9.00d
Defaulted functions N2346 Lint 9.00d
auto-typed variables N1984 Lint 9.00c
    Multi-declarator auto N1737 Lint 9.00c
    Removal of auto as a storage-class specifier N2546 Lint 9.00
    New function declarator syntax N2541 Lint 9.00e
Lambda expressions N2927 Lint 9.00g
Alias templates N2258 Lint 9.00h
Explicit virtual overrides N2928
Lint 9.00k (partial)
9.00L (full)
Initialization of class objects by rvalues N1610 Partially supported
Non-static data member initializers N2756 Syntax accepted, member initialization states not recognized.
Declared type of an expression N2343 Partially supported since Lint 9.00c
    Incomplete return types N3276 No
Default template arguments for function templates DR226 Default argument syntax is recognized but default arguments not applied.
Null pointer constant N2431 Lint 9.00c (partial)
9.00L (full)
Alignment support N2341 alignof is supported, alignas is not.
Standard Layout Types N2342 Lint 9.00L
Allowing move constructors to throw [noexcept] N3050 No
Defining move special member functions N3053 Lint 9.00d (partial)
9.00L (full)
Variadic templates N2242 No
    Extending variadic template template parameters N2555 No
Initializer lists N2672 No
Solving the SFINAE problem for expressions DR339 Lint 9.00L
Generalized attributes N2761 No
Generalized constant expressions N2235 No
Inheriting constructors N2540 No
Unicode string literals N2442 No
Raw string literals N2442 No
Universal character names in literals N2170 No
User-defined literals N2765 No
Inline namespaces N2535 No
Unrestricted unions N2544 No
Range-based for N2930 Lint 9.00L
Minimal support for garbage collection and reachability-based leak detection N2670 N/A
C99 Features in C++11
C99 preprocessor N1653 Lint 9.00c
long long N1811 Lint 9.00c
__func__ predefined identifier N2340 Lint 9.00L
Extended integral types N1988 No

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