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1    #include <stdio.h>
3    int main()
4        {
5        printf( "Happy Birthday PC-Lint.\n"
6          "Twenty years ago this month, Gimpel Software took out its\n"
7          "first ad for a new product, PC-lint.  Who would have\n"
8          "believed that twenty years later we would still be\n"
9          "advertising, making it the longest continuously advertised\n"
10         "product in programming history.  The real heroes, however\n",
11         "are not we the humble programmers, but people like Steve\n"
12         "Johnson (Bell Labs) who created and first named the concept,\n"
13         "Max Yafee who suggested its PC-implementation, thousands\n"
14         "of customers who took the trouble to analyze and submit\n"
15         "trouble reports, tens of thousands who believed in the\n"
16         "idea of having a third party program look over their\n"
17         "shoulder as they coded, and the millions of bugs that make\n"
18         "our existence possible.  Many thanks to all.\n"
19         "The staff at Gimpel Software\n"
20         );
21       return 0;
22       }

The message being produced by this program is being distorted because of a programming bug. Can you spot the problem?

bug719.cpp lint Output

--- Module:   bug719.cpp
bug719.cpp(20) : Info 719: Too many arguments for format (1 too many)

Reference Manual Explanation

719   Too many arguments for format (Integer too many)  -- The
      number of arguments to a function in the printf/scanf family
      was more than what is specified in the format.  This message
      is similar to Warning  558, which alerts users to situations
      in which there were too few arguments for the format.  It
      receives a lighter Informational classification because the
      additional arguments are simply ignored.

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