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1     #include <stdio.h>
3     int main()
4         {
5         printf( "%s %s\n", "Greetings to all people"
6                            "on Earth" );
7         return 0;
8         }

In this slight variation of Brian Kernighan's famous "Hello World" program the greetings turn out to be a little garbled. What's going on?

bug558.cpp lint Output

--- Module:   bug558.cpp
                       "on Earth" );
bug558.cpp(6) : Warning 558: Too few arguments for format (1 missing)

Reference Manual Explanation

558   Too few arguments for format (Integer missing)  -- The number of arguments supplied
      to printf, sprintf, fprintf, scanf, fscanf or sscanf was less than the number
      expected as a result of analyzing the format string.  The number of missing arguments
      is given by Integer.  See also Message 719.

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