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[ new ] Version 9.00L is now available [ new ]

Since its founding in 1984, Gimpel Software has been dedicated to providing the C and (since 1993) C++ programming community with software tools to help you make your applications more secure and bug-free.

PC-lint for C/C++ was first introduced in 1985.   It will thoroughly check your C/C++ source code for bugs, glitches, inconsistencies, non-portable constructs, and much more,  so you can find and fix your bugs more quickly, and more economically, than with traditional debugging procedures
PC-lint for C/C++ runs on Microsoft Windows

FlexeLint for C/C++ The demand for PC-lint checking for non-Windows development led to the introduction of FlexeLint in 1988. FlexeLint is distributed as shrouded C source code, to make the capabilities of PC-lint available wherever there is a C compiler to compile it.
FlexeLint for C/C++ runs on all systems that support a C compiler, including all variants of UNIX.

Over the past 29 years, numerous enhancements have been made to the original product.  These include major language enhancements, such as C++ support in 1993, and also many ground breaking innovations in the art of static analysis, positioning Gimpel Software at the forefront of this field.

Version 9.00 Patches   The current patch level is "Version 9.00L" This patch provides many bug fixes and enhanced checking for MISRA. See our bug fix file for details.

Software That Checks Software: The Impact of PC-lint
"James Gimpel gives some fascinating insights into the growth, technology, and impact of the very widely used static analyzer, PC-lint in the never-ending battle against the bug."
IEEE Software, vol. 31, no. 1, pp. 15-19, Jan.-Feb. 2014

Interactive Demo now supports multi-module checking
Although PC-lint has been providing multi-module checking since version 1.0 was released in May of 1985, our on-line demo was set up to process only one source file at a time. That has just changed. You can now enter several C, C++ and header files into the online demo to see the power of inter-module checking that PC-lint and FlexeLint have had from the beginning.

Just follow the set up directives at
Introducing Multiple Modules (MM).

A Bug a Month? It's Harder Than You Think
Have you ever wondered who's been writing our "Bug of the Month" ads for the past 18 years? Among all those ads, which one has been the most controversial? To find out, read an interview of the "legendary Jim Gimpel" by Dr. Dobb's Journal editor, Jonathan Erickson.

Interactive Demo
Did you ever encounter a snippet of C or C++ code that you wanted to quickly test against Gimpel lint? Check out our new Interactive Demo. We provide several source files for you to lint and modify. There's even a blank slate for your own creations. Just type or copy your code into the code box, click "Analyse" and see what happens.

Lint is still a champ at detecting errors
For this review, I prepared a small C file with obvious bugs in it and asked each vendor to run it at the most sensitive bug-sniffing levels. Coverity, due to its detection philosophy, found zero; Klocwork found five. PC-lint generated 15 warnings. Here, however, is the critical difference. Only PC-lint correctly identified a miscoded function call. All vendors agreed this call could generate a null-pointer exception, which is a showstopper in C and C++ and a specific target of the reviewed suites.
            Andrew Binstock, InfoWorld, January 30, 2006

[ award ] Each year one product is inducted into the Front Line Awards Hall of Fame. The inductee is chosen for its outstanding contribution to the game development industry. This year's honor was presented to Gimpel Software's PC-lint. PC-lint is a tool for programmers which enables them to search for thousands of types of common errors in their game's C and C++ source code. Even after a decade of availability, PC-lint continues to be the tool of choice to verify cross-platform compatibility and source code validity with the highest standards
            Game Developer Magazine Press Release, Dec. 11, 2000, See page 7 in the archives.

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