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FlexeLint for C


FlexeLint runs on almost all systems that support C including VMS, OS-9, and all Unix systems, including (but not limited to):

  • AIX
  • HP-UX
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Solaris
  • SunOS
  • Tru64 Unix

Click for an overview of the features of FlexeLint


FlexeLint is distributed as obfuscated C source code via download.. FlexeLint source code is obfuscated using The C Shroud ™ a program developed by Gimpel Software for in-house use.


Installation requires the compilation of the obfuscated FlexeLint source modules using an ANSI C compiler. Under Unix, a command line of 

     cc *.c

is all that is needed.  A basic knowledge of C is required for installation. Having FlexeLint in source form has many advantages.  If you update your compiler or operating system, all you need to do is recompile the FlexeLint modules and you're off and running. 

Running FlexeLint

By default, FlexeLint is a console application and is run from the command line.  It can easily be set up to run from within your make file as part of a build.

If you are using an editor or IDE, you may be able to set up FlexeLint to run as a tool from within the IDE.   Normally this entails providing FlexeLint with the appropriate options to alter the format of the FlexeLint error messages to match what your IDE expects.


A one user, non-floating license for one computer workstation is $998

A ONE location license for your mainframe, server or local area network is as follows:
         To license one concurrent user would cost $1998. 
         To license up to five concurrent users would cost $5,000. 
         To license up to ten concurrent users would cost $10,000. 
         Each additional user after 10 would be $800.

If you need FlexeLint for more than one location, contact us with the number of users and number of locations you want to license, and we will provide you with a quote.

License agreement

For FlexeLint, we require a license agreement which identifies the licensed machine (operating system) or licensed LAN, the number of licensed users, and the authorized location(s).
A sample copy of our FlexeLint workstation license agreement is available here.
A sample copy of our FlexeLint LAN license agreement is available here.


Patches to the FlexeLint source modules are released periodically and are posted on our Version 9.00 Patch Page.  After applying a patch, you will need to recompile your FlexeLint source modules.  Patches provide bug fixes and minor enhancements.  Configuration files also are updated (as needed) and posted.  There is no cost for patches.  

The file fpatch.c is used to apply the patches to the FlexeLint source modules.  Compilation and usage instructions are contained within fpatch.c

To get fpatch.c send an email to "sales"  at and please include your FlexeLint serial number and contact information (name, company, address, phone).  If we have your registration information and a signed license agreement on file, we will email you fpatch.c


The final version of FlexeLint is 9.00. We continue to support FlexeLint, but we will not be updating FlexeLint.

To update to version 9.00, send an email to "sales"  at; include your FlexeLint serial number if you know it, and we'll get back to you with a quote for updating.


If you order FlexeLint online for download, we will email a license agreement to you and we will use your online ordering information to register your license. Please sign and return the license agreement to sales as a pdf attachment or mail it to us at our Collegeville address. We use your information only to provide you with technical support and update notification. Your information is never sold or shared with other companies. You will not be entitled to technical support or updates unless we have your signed agreement on file.

Online Demo

Unfortunately, there is no evaluation license available for FlexeLint. Please use our online demo to test the functionality of the product before ordering. You can also run Lint on our Bug of the Month samples.

If you have questions about FlexeLint, or require additional information, please contact us.

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