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Gimpel Software - Discussion Forum
Discussion Forum
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Gimpel Software - Discussion Forum
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IAR ARM compiler 8 stdlib error(DLib_Product_stdlib.h) Søren Kruse Pedersen May 18, 2017
1:41:51 AM
Subject: IAR ARM compiler 8 stdlib error(DLib_Product_stdlib.h)
Date: May 18, 2017
1:41:51 AM
Name: Søren Kruse Pedersen
After updating to from IAR ARM compiler 7 to 8 I
get the following error when running on the
complete project. 
..\Embedded Workbench
8.0\arm\inc\c\DLib_Product_stdlib.h:32:0: Error:
14 Symbol 'div(int, int)' previously defined (line
32, file ..\Embedded Workbench
8.0\arm\inc\c\DLib_Product_stdlib.h, module
When running on a single file with and without -u
there is no error.
This file appears to be new in this version of the
Does anyone use Lint version 9.00L together with
IAR ARM version 8 without problems?
Compiler defines/macros is exported to Lint
through compiler flag --predef_macros.
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