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Original Message:
Hi Wlad, 

D'oh!  I must admit that I only glanced at the
manual this time. 

You are absolutely correct; Lint should be able to
see that the constructor takes custody of "this"
with the option you had originally.  It's an
interesting situation though, because in the case of: 

Obj* child = new Obj( &pa ); 

...Lint needs to be aware that a function (the
constructor) will take custody of an object that
has not yet been created. 

It seems there is a work-around though -- assuming
that, in your actual production code, you intend
to call some member function of Obj (with the
"child" pointer) within the function where that
object is created, e.g.: 

child->Print(); // Obj::Print must be called in
the same scope as "new Obj" for this to work. 

If that's the case, then you can just do: 
//lint -sem(Obj::Print, custodial(t))

...which should work. 

In any event, we do plan to support your first
custodial semantic in a future version of Lint. 

Thanks for the feedback!
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