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Gimpel Software - Discussion Forum
Discussion Forum
We invite you to use this forum to communicate with other PC-lint and FlexeLint users. You do not need to log in to post a message. WARNING: Your email address will not be encrypted. We recommend that you obfuscate it as protection from web crawlers. To receive technical support directly from Gimpel Software, please follow the guidelines at
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Original Message:
I've just started using this product again after 
a few years. And I see that it's been upgraded 
from the 7.5 version I have to 8.0. So I looked 
at the prices and fell out of my chair!

I want to use my linux system but there's no way. 
More and more developers are switching to linux 
where most everything is free. This is where the 
market is heading. It should be cheaper than on 
M$. Yet you've priced youself out of 
consideration for us at home users. I seriously 
think you should reconsider your distribution 
process so you can capture the masses on their 
private linux installations yet still be able to 
get the money that's needed for supporting your 
product in large company environments.

Bottom line, changing your licensing structure 
will get you much more money. It's outdated and 
keeping the multitudes of potential users away!
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