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Discussion Forum
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Original Message:
Bumping this again.
Has any progress been made on allowing
constructors to take custodial ownership of memory?

Code such as the following results in a 429 :
Custodial pointer 'entPtr' (line 218) has not
    been freed or returned

EntryPtr clone(const std::string& newType) {
  Entry* entPtr = 0;
  entPtr = new Entry(newType);
  EntryPtr result(entPtr);
  return result;

Trying a twist on James's earlier suggestion, I
though maybe Lint could be tricked into letting
the destructor take ownership, since no other
methods are called, but that didn't work:


There doesn't seem to be any way yet as of 9.00K
to allow this to be indicated to PC Lint.
Please type the four digit number on the right: